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Teaching resources

For the most part, our teaching resources are still in French. These include :

  • the "Growing up in peace" Collection: 
    4 volumes for primary school teachers and their students, respectively of 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 and 10-12 years. They have been validated by major Swiss authorities including Education 21 and been tested by schools. An external impact study over a full school year has just been finished, confirming the positive effects of the experiential teaching methods, psychosocial skills and activity contents proposed. Translations are planned for English and Arabic to begin with.
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  • the Neither Hedgehog, nor doormat travelling exhibition for schools
    This resource is also in French and we hope to translate it into English.
    Its objective is to develop awareness and skills for avoiding either provoking or standing by violence. It is a joint development with CENAC, a non-violence NGO in Lausanne.
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There are currently no items in this folder.