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  1. Here is what differentiates us: 

I. Our systemic approach

  • Our program has three objectives: education, prevention of violence, and societal peace.
  • We train both teachers and students alike. 
  • The program allows for the learning of skills, attitudes and pedagogical practices in one single training. 

See our three social impacts.

II. Our double expertise

We act as a research laboratory and as a program manager. 

III. Our position towards violence

  • Violence is not more inherent to human nature than the desire to belong, be appreciated, or to be loved. It is not inevitable; it can be prevented or reversed by peaceful reflexes. Violent people are not irremediably so (except in a very few cases).
  • Conflict management techniques are not sufficient, as appeasement techniques have to precede them; empathy and discernment are the means, and peace is the end goal, in the hope of perpetuating harmony.
  • The search for peace on a global level and the management of violence in everyday life are inseparable. 

IV. Our toolbox

  1. Our website is itself an important tool for understanding and offers a vast array of accessible resources.
    It is accessible to the general public as well as to an audience with a more specific interest.
    It is pedagogical, recreational, multilingual, participative and open to different cultures.
    We are not aware of any other website combining all those characteristics (and we would like to be informed if you are!).
  2. This website will end up being fully multilingual. It currently offers an English and French version, alongside several Italian, Spanish, Russian and German pages. We are aiming to soon include languages like Arabic, Serbian, Turkish or Persian.