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Vision, Mission, Goals

Graines de Paix is an international NGO that develops education solutions for sustainable peace. It proposes training programmes and education resources for Ministries of education (ME), destined for both teachers and young students. It is apolitical, non-confessional and independent of outside organisations or persons, whilst being actively open to dialogue and exchange.


Graines de Paix envisions generations of children for whom it is natural to share, collaborate and dialogue. Generations of children who are kind, empathetic and mindful critical thinkers, capable of outsmarting violence, renewing our manner of living together and building sustainable peace. Children who are brighter than us.


To contribute to the foundations of a sustainable culture of peace through education, research, advocacy and knowledge-sharing.


  • Advance the quality of education and learning achievements through incorporating the values, competencies and teaching practices of peace education.
  • Increase the likelihood that peacebuilding initiatives will be successful and sustainable by empowering children, families and teachers with the tools, values and competencies necessary for better living together.
  • Reduce physical, verbal and psychological violence against children and between children notably in schools.
  • Cultivate the respect for human rights through teaching children, families and teachers how to render non-discrimination, inclusion and freedom of expression a reality in everyday living-together.