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Educational Resources

The Growing Up in Peace Collection

The Growing up in Peace collection is tailored for teachers and their students aged 4 to 12. It is made up of four sets of experiential and reflective activities.

Objectives :

1. To promote academic success.
2. To raise awareness to the various forms of violence at school and in society.
3. To establish a culture of peace at school and in society.

These three objectives are reached through the development of overall psychosocial and social-emotional skills. These include: knowledge of oneself and others, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, discernment and ease in communication, and cooperation. The foundation is built upon learning the human skills of consideration, goodwill, empathy and helping one another.

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“Neither hedgehog nor doormat” Exhibition for schools and more

Découvrez la nouvelle version de l'exposition Ni hérisson, ni paillasson tout en couleurs!


Neither hedgehog nor doormat is a fun and interactive educational exhibition for children ages 4 through 12, designed to fit both academic and extra-curricular settings. It’s goal? To promote positive social interactions by teaching alternatives to common behaviors that trigger, encourage and escalate violence.


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