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Education is at the heart of peace!

Help us rebuild societal peace in a troubled world.
With us,your gift brings meaning and purpose to children, to youth, to you!
Ensure your gift does more than repair the unrepairable...

Make a real impact now! 
By supporting Graines de Paix, your funding will contribute... 

  • to school success via quality education
  • to societal and intercultural peace, including preventing youth from becoming radicalised.

Donate online

Donate by bank transfer

Select your level of support

I. Friends level

​Gifts of 20 to 1000 CHF/EUR/USD

Your gift serves directly our production capacities.

Donate online

Donate by bank transfer

For donations of 100 CHF/EUR/USD and above, we will gladly send you a tax certificate.

II. Donors' Circle

Supporting Donors: 1'000 to 10'000 CHF/EUR/USD

Engaged Donors: 10'000 and above.

High-level Donors help us implement specific projects and can enjoy meeting up and exchanging with like-minded benefactors, for whom values and skills education has become  fundamental.

Choose your cause:

  • Translation into English or Arabic of the Collection Grandir en paix
  • One of the forthcoming guides of the Collection Grandir en paix
    (mathematics, discernment, inclusion)
  • one of the sections foreseen for the website: children/ youth/ parents / teachers
  • Translation of the website into English, Arabic or other languages
  • Grandir en paix Exhibition for primary schools 
  • Board game on emotional competencies
  • One of the Education programmes in preparation : Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Benin.

Donate by bank transfer

For donations of CHF 1'000 and above, you'll be officially invited to the Annual presentation and to encounters with Members of the Donors' Circle.

III. Sponsorships and bequests

  • Sponsor a post-grad science education student! 
    Thanks to you, he/she will be able to develop education resources in our team. You'll get to meet the selected person and follow the work accomplished.
  • Choose peace through education for your bequest
    Or choose a specific cause amongst our planned ones - the one dearest to your heart.

Contact Claire Vassen or Alexandra Reidon on +41 22 700 9414 for the arrangements.

Donate by bank transfer

IV. Specific countries

Send us a mail to one of the above persons to specify for which country your donation is for.