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Life stories

Each story offered here shows a path from violence to peace: 

Some relate to a positive transformation relative to violence (victim or author), others illustrate some peace reflexes that helped them avoid or block violence, sometimes even appeasing the situation lastingly.

You too can contribute such examples.

Previously violent persons

Many think that violent persons are irremediably violent, that it's their nature, nothing can change them. Yet, all those who have gone beyond are proofs of the contrary. It's the case of many more people than one thinks, often anonymous. It's also sometines the case of well known personalities, who, first were absolutely convinced that violence was the most efficient means of them all, have radically transformed themselves.

Are you one such person, who reached a point in life that made the choice to change? That let the light inside them take it's place? We would most appreciate it you telling it to those who will be visiting these pages. Your anonymity will be strictly preserved if this is your choice.

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