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Organization and Governance

The Graines de Paix Foundation was established in October 2020 in Geneva to take over, pursue and develop the mission of the Graines de Paix association, founded in 2005 by Delia Mamon.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the group includes offices in France, Benin and Côte d’Ivoire and has focal points for Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Senegal.

As international headquarters, it carries out the following functions in addition to strategy and planning:

  • It coordinates and inspires our Country offices in Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Switzerland and France
  • It is the center for the innovative design and development of our pedagogical methods and resources for achieving education goals while addressing societal goals.
  • It develops and implements replicable training programs for and with ministries, Education authorities and international organizations.
  • It works as the Swiss entity for its work with local schools, youth centers and communities.

Our statutes and other official documents can be accessed in the Document Download section.

Our Board

Our Board of Trustees defines the vision, strategies and key pedagogical concepts in line with our Statutes. Its main role is to ensure our sound development.

  • It manages the governance functions, including Compliance, Cost control and Expert Council management.
  • It provides the direction for our programmes and projects
  • It supervises fundraising and contributes to its success through key connections and invitations.

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Our Team

Graines de Paix has a team of over 20 skilled staff working in four countries. The international team, based in Geneva, provides direction, coordination and expert support to the field, strengthening our impact on the global stage. Our country teams work directly with national governments implementing our unique peace-driven pedagogical programs.

At Graines de Paix, we are driven by a passion for education that fosters peace-culture and fulfilment and the prevention of violence. We share a commitment to innovation and excellence.

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