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Vision, Mission, Goals


Generations of students who grow, develop their full potential and engage for the future of the world, highly attentive to people, to life in all its forms and to the planet.


Design transformative education solutions that foster learning fulfilment, violence and radicalisation prevention, and societal peace.


Quality Education

Transform education:

  • Redefine the goal of teaching to focus on:
    • Developing children upwards, in all dimensions
    • Providing meaningfulness.
  • Advance the quality of education and of learning achievement through incorporating:
    • the values, competencies and methods of peace culture education
    • positive, uplifting and engaging teaching postures, practices and authority
  • Foster inclusive education
    • for generating school success that is inclusive of all students.
  • Foster in students the essential human competencies for the 21st century
    • Humaneness, Discernment, Creative solving, Engagement.
  • Reduce school abandonment of teachers, of students.

Prevention of violence and radicalisation

  • Develop the peace skills of students and teachers that enable them to prevent, defuse and appease violence in all its forms.
  • Reduce physical, verbal and psychological violence against children and between children in schools and in daily life.
  • Prevent the risk of youth radicalisation through inclusive education methods from the earliest age.

Culture of peace

  • Develop the values and competencies of students and teachers that foster harmony, social cohesion, intercultural fluency and convergency.
  • Develop in particular their capacity for openness, mutual acceptance and inclusiveness for living together in harmony beyond one's differences.
  • Encourage their deep respect for human rights, making this a reality in their everyday lives.
  • Inspire their appreciation for nature, their care for the planet and their citizen engagement for healthy, equitable and sustainable development.

Our approach is symbiotic: these three deeply interconnected goals are approached all together, in one coherent whole.