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Education - at the heart of peace

Our education transformation work is designed to:

  • bring out the full potential of each student, thereby boosting learning accomplishment, student fulfillment and teacher satisfaction
  • prevent violence and radicalization

  • foster societal peace, sustainable development and a better world, durably.

Fostering such a virtuous circle has a powerful impact on a society's security, cohesion, well-being and progress.

Education transformation, violence prevention and peace form a whole. Education authorities have understood this and call for our solutions-based programs. They understand the mass effect of full education on societal cohesion and harmony whereby entire generations of children are empowered to better the world.

The causes our donors choose to support with our work

1. 21st century Full Quality Education

Your support will enable very large numbers of children to develop their full potential through transformative curricula incorporating human values and the competencies most needed for our risk-filled century.

2. Overcoming violence and radicalization through education

Specifically, your support will empower generations of children to replace violence with dialogue, consideration, reciprocity and empowerment and to exercise discernment and emotional distancing when incited to act violently or adopt extremist postures.

3. Foster peace, sustainable development

We can remain viewers of the world's worsening confrontations, we can finance emergencies and provide for healing the wounded. Or we can change paradigm and support meaningful, impact-designed education for a better world.