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Education - at the heart of peace

Our education solutions are designed to:

  • prevent violence
  • reinforce school success
  • lead to societal peace and sustainable development.

These all lead to overall increased wellbeing and wealth. For all these reasons, our members and donors support our work. We invite you to read on and do likewise...

School success, violence prevention and a healthy classroom atmosphere form a whole. Education authorities have understood this and call for our education solutions. These aim for a mass effect: it's by reaching an entire generation of children that one can bring on such changes.

What our members and donors choose to support

1. Education for overcoming violence

Peace education teaches how to replace violence with dialogue and consideration. It brings out respectful, creative behaviours. It develops children's discernment that will help them better see what may lead to violence.

Our education solutions aim to:

  • protect children against ordinary violence - beatings, insults, bullying,...
  • help youth from falling into violent fanaticism
  • develop their abilities to recognise and stay away from manipulative and demagogic discourses.

2. Generalising good school results

Our programmes are designed to:

  • breed success - at school, at work, socially, and in life, by developing student self-esteem, relational skills and responsibility
  • develop positive behaviours between students and between teachers and students so as to reduce the intimate causes of child suffering, those that lead to failure and absenteeism, such as mockery, victimisation, exclusion and feelings of inadequateness.

3. Means to foster peace, sustainable development

Peace education fosters societal peace and sustainable development, the two goals being intimately linked.

Our education solutions develop eco-citizenship, resolution skills and the ability to recognise and defuse what makes violence escalate and bring destruction, causing impoverishment, pollution and ecological degradation.

Your commitment and support will enable an entire generation of children

  • to gain humanity and wisdom so as to act with harming mankind and to produce without harming nature
  • to understand that there is no sustainable development without peace
  • to be equipped to reduce and appease tensions.
  • to be skilled at replacing reactions of violence with reflexes for peace.

Choosing a cause with positive impact

We can remain viewers of the world's worsening confrontations, we can finance emergencies and provide for healing wounds. Or we can change paradigms and support meaningful child education.

Peace education is a cause that makes profound sense. And peace education generates wealth, greater overall wealth to society than it costs.