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Educational Programs for Governments

In conjunction with Ministries of Education we design and implement nationwide and regional programs to mainstream a culture of peace within primary school education systems. We offer countries that are coming out of conflict or experiencing strained community relationships, programs that position their education system as the foundation for peaceful societies and better living together.

Teacher Training Programs

Since 2012 we have developed an expertise in the design and implementation of large-scale in-service and pre-service primary school teacher training programs.

  • Teaching postures: Training teachers to be competent and motivated users of non-violent classroom management styles that respect children’s rights.
  • Psycho-social competencies: Developing in teachers values, attitudes, behaviors and life skills such as self-esteem, dialogue, peace reflexes, critical thinking, empathy, caring, proactiveness and discernment.
  • Teaching practices: Using active and learner-centered practices to impart teacher trainings and teaching participants how to use them in class. Learn more.
Classroom FOLLOW-UP

Our project offers each trained teacher a set of peace-activities to conduct in class. Six months after participating in the training, teachers are visited by their trainer to benefit from in-class observation of a peace activity and a formative evaluation and feedback session.

Project implementation at a country-wide scale

Utilizing a Train the Trainer mechanism we have the ability to scale up programs so as to reach a critical mass of primary school teachers and students. Whilst our method changes behavior at a personal level the large-scale dimension of our project design is important because it triggers a generational change of individuals empowered to adopt peaceful reflexes to resolve conflict.

Our programs' implementation rely solely on local capacity through local national teams, expert trainers and teacher trainers.

Technical assistance

In response to specific demands from Ministries we offer tailored assistance and consultancy.

We support Ministries by guiding and advising on curriculum reform and development to include peace education within existing structures and disciplines. We also co-create with officials customized peace education resources and tools.