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Education - at the heart of peace

Our education solutions are designed to:

  • prevent violence
  • reinforce school success
  • lead to societal peace and sustainable development.

These all lead to overall increased wellbeing and wealth. For all these reasons, our members and donors support our work. We invite you to read on and do likewise...

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Education is at the heart of peace!

Help us rebuild societal peace in a troubled world.
With us,your gift brings meaning and purpose to children, to youth, to you!
Ensure your gift does more than repair the unrepairable...

Make a real impact now! 
By supporting Graines de Paix, your funding will contribute... 

  • to school success via quality education
  • to societal and intercultural peace, including preventing youth from becoming radicalised.

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Donate by bank transfer

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Bank instructions

The accounting system of Graines de Paix is transparent (RPC 21 standards) and audited by the supervisory body Bonnefous Audit SA, a Swiss fiduciary company.

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Jobs, internships, volunteering

If healthy child development, quality education, violence and radicalization prevention, culture of peace and more are meaningful to you, do consult our job and volunteer opportunities herewith.

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