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Peace concepts

Below are a number of considerations on peace and the culture of peace, on violence and non-violence, and on the values and standards that are lacking if peace - in other words, humanity - is to endure. These are the reflections that led to the creation of the Graines de Paix NGO in 2005.

Definitions of peace - with a broader view

To define peace in a meaningful way, we need to define it in terms of everything that is present, felt and appreciated, and not just in terms of what is absent. But peace encompasses far more than what is present: it is a dynamic of convergence, i.e. a human dynamic of creative interactions aimed at convergence.

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Redefining peace, violence

One can no longer define peace as the absence of war or of violence. One cannot state that violence is more inherent to human beings than the desire for peace. How can we then define peace? Violence? How do human beings thus position themselves towards violence? Towards peace? 


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