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A positive education has one of the most durable impacts on today's and tomorrow's society. This is particularly true when it comes to Full Quality Education for children. Because it aims not only at the development of the full potential of students, but also at their awareness and responsibility towards major societal issues.

A legacy for Graines de Paix

You can bequeath to the Graines de Paix Foundation a fixed sum, a part of your assets or certain goods, such as real estate, securities, works of art or other valuable objects. This is the form most often used because of its clarity, as it allows you to give to an institution without making it an heir.


Graines de Paix as co-heir

The Graines de Paix Foundation receives a percentage of your estate. Within this framework, certain material values can also be attributed. In this way, our foundation becomes a member of the community of heirs with other legatees.


Graines de Paix as the sole heir

If you have no heirs, you can freely dispose of your estate and choose our foundation as your sole heir. Since Graines de Paix is exempt from inheritance tax in almost all Swiss cantons, your estate can be fully vested in the projects of our organisation.


Please remember!

As a non-profit organisation, Graines de Paix is not subject to inheritance tax. In most Swiss cantons, our organisation benefits from a 100% exemption. Therefore, your contribution will be entirely used to support our projects in favor of children's education.

Our team and Board members are at your disposal for a personal interview, without obligation and in complete confidentiality, at the headquarters of the Graines de Paix Foundation in Geneva. You can also contact us by phone at +41 22 700 9414 or by email.