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Prizes, recognition

Annual reports

External Evaluation Reports

  • Evaluation Report on Graines de Paix's AdoGoZen project for teenagers
    Vaud, Switzerland, 2022 (in French)

    This Study evaluated the effective acquisition of positive competencies by teenagers having engaged in our AdoGoZen workshops in Community Centers during the year
    by the Pedagogy Universities of the cantons of Vaud (HEP-VD) and Fribourg (UNIFRI).

This Study evaluated the changes in teacher perceptions and attitudes regarding disciplinary violence following brief trainings for teacher violence prevention in primary schools
by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
(Via Optimus Foundation funding)

This Study measured the acquisition of socioemotional competencies and the improvement in school climate in Bex's primary school over a school year
By the Pedagogical University of Valais (HEP-VS).

Project Reports

The report describes the emotional skills acquisition by both trainers and students using this exhibition and its pedagogical support materials.
via the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC)

The Report describes in detail the work achieved to upgrade the level of 342 imams teaching in Islamic Structures. The emphaisis was on knowledge, shared values and teaching skills that will support the future educational, social and civic integration of the children currently learning in these (of which Human Rights, Laity and National Cohesion) and the work was done hand in hand with the Authorities and the Imams.
Via UNICEF/EU support.

Presentation documentation