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Topics (culture, education, peace...)

The resources on this website are classified by topics: here as in the whole Peace Resources section, you can search for quotes, proverbs, peace tales, humour and more by subject of interest or study. These topics serve to learn, think, transmit and make peace. They are here for you to use in life, inside the family and in class.

The topics related to the culture of peace are many and varied:

► beauty, goodness, happiness, joy, wellbeing
► humane, humanity, humanism, humanization
► peace, culture of peace and human values
► violence and non-violence, conflict prevention, suffering
► religions, ethics, virtue, openness
► gratitude, forgiveness, reconciliation

Are also included current education topics

► Education, Quality education, peace education
► Authority, discipline, sanctions, punishments
► Respect, coopération, responsibiliity
► Psychosocial competencies
► Child rights, Human rights, democracy, citizenship, écocitizenship
► Sustainable development