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Culture of peace


Using education and the culture of peace to protect from manipulation

In the context of promoting a culture of peace, non-violence and education designed to eradicate poverty and establish sustainable development, children are protected from all sorts of manipulation and are prepared to take their destiny into their own hands by their acquisition of a critical approach, independent habits of thought and the ability to judge for themselves at a very early age.


To be deeply committed to negotiations, to be opposed to a particular war or military action, is not only considered unpatriotic, it also casts serious doubt on one's manhood.


The belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.
Source: Ubuntu Documentation Team, retrieved 2017.

2009-2010 (presumed given NGO foundation date)

How to powerfully counter war

The most powerful and lasting way to counter war and violence is to build a culture of peace. Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace means living together with, and even celebrating, our differences—be they cultural, religious, ethnic, racial or gender-based. Peace involves transforming society from the inside out, in our own lives and across borders.