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Patrick Mamou-Mani


Vice President

In his career, Patrick Mamou Mani has had financial and development responsibilities in international companies which have led him to take an interest in the conditions of access of populations to economic prosperity in emerging countries.

As a native of an emerging country and the son of teachers, he has been able to measure, through his personal history, the crucial and necessary character of an education that allows each person to fulfil his or her potential in respect and cooperation with others. In addition to Graines de Paix, he has been involved since 2018 in school support actions for children from disadvantaged families.

“I joined Graines de Paix convinced by its work in the educational community, so necessary in an environment where children and young people are left to their own means by isolated parents. There is a great need in the face of social media that disseminate content that often ostracise or manipulate them. Graines de Paix is working to transform our world by providing teachers and students with the skills and tools to dialogue and communicate in a spirit of harmony. It leads education to contribute to the pacification of society.”