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Structure and governance

The Graines de Paix foundation was established in October 2020 to take over, pursue and develop the mission of the Graines de Paix association, founded in 2005.

The international headquarters, in Geneva, carries out the following functions:

  • It is the center for the design and development of innovative pedagogical resources.
  • It develops and implements cantonal, regional, national and supranational training programs for and with ministries, regional authorities, international organizations (fields include full quality education, culture of peace education, violence and radicalization prevention, girl and women equity and consideration and more).
  • It also works directly with schools, youth centers, local associations and local communities.
  • It coordinates and inspires local offices - in Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and France in addition to its activities in Switzerland. The foundation also has focal points in Lebanon, Tunisia and Senegal.

The statutes and other official documents can be accessed in the Documents to download section.


Governance is ensured by our Board of Trustees. Operations are delegated to the operations team, and this team is in charge of managing the programmes.

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