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Governance is ensured by the Board, the Controller, and the General Assembly. Operations are delegated to the operations team, and this team is in charge of managing the programmes.


Our Board defines the vision, the strategies and the key pedagogical concepts. It provides the direction for the programmes and projects, participates in the fundraising et manages the Association. It develops our collaborations with public institutions , international organizations, NGOs private partners. Its members contribute by their guidance to ensure a sound and growing development in Switzerland and internationally.

The Board comprises:


Delia Mamon

President and Founder,
Designer of the Education methods and contents for peace-culture based education

Since September 2005

Biography and motivation






Bertrand Coppens

since November 2012

Former high-level Director for the UN and at the UNDP.

and motivation







Guido Houben

since August 2016

International performing arts & media manager for clients such as the Megève Festival Savoy Truffle, Washington National Opera and the European Broadcasting Union.

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Dominique Touzet

since February 2010

Former President, Rotary Club, Verbier
Former Manager, CNRS (France)

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Bijan Farnoudi

since March 2014

Head of Communications, Kofi Annan Foundation
Spokesperson for Kofi Annan
Previously 10 years with the ICRC in war-torn countries)

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General Assembly

The General Assembly gathers physically once per year in June. It can be gathered also electronically for voting on questions relative to its responsibilities (Goals, statutes, accounts, liquidation).

Control body

The Control body is BONNEFOUS AUDIT SA, Geneva. Their responsibility is to audit the accounts and verify that these respect and report according to the Swiss GAAP RPC 21 Norm regarding accounting transparency.