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New educational guide: 35 activities for inclusive school

Make diversity a richness!

Finally, a guide with a positive tone that values diversity in class for teachers and their pupils from 6 to 12 years old. These 35 experiential and reflexive activities favour inclusive education by helping pupils welcome diversity with kindness and sympathy in reciprocity.

35 activities for inclusive school
To grow together and live happy
6 – 12 years old
August 2020 – Hatier editions



Because school and social inclusion concern all students and that it must also be done by the students, this guide offers to make them actors of change. Throughout the activities, they experience consideration, reciprocity, mutual aid, empathy and collaboration. Strengthened by their interactions, they develop inclusive skills as necessary to their openness to the world as to their academic success. Thus equipped, the students individually and collectively flourish and rhyme personal accomplishment with belonging to a community.

A suitable booklet for class environment, that offers 35 turnkey activities:

  • participatory, collaborative, fun and reflexive
  • easy to implement and to adapt
  • with little to no specific equipment needed
  • linked to the school program

All diversities in one booklet, free of stigma:

  • Diversity of identities
  • Diversity bound to disability
  • Diversity of genders
  • Socio-economic diversity
  • School diversity

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