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Better school for girls in Benin

In northern Benin, we are working with the Ministry of Primary and Pre-Primary Teaching and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Micro-Finance to contribute to quality, non-violent education for all, specifically for girls, ensuring the safety, fulfilment and well-being of students. Launched in July 2021, this program is mainly supported by the Smartpeace Foundation.

SDG4: Quality education

SDG5: Gender equity

SDG16: Peace, Violence Prevention, Justice


In the department of Alibori, many young girls do not manage to finish their schooling. Overloaded with domestic work, less valued by their teachers and parents, often victims of harassment, or even of pregnancy or early marriage, many of them are forced to interrupt their schooling. It is in this context that Graines de Paix is continuing the work started with the "Improving the quality of primary education" program.

Implementation and activities

“Better school for girls" is a key element in the national strategy of Graines de Paix in Benin to transform education. Building on the experience gained in the field in the Atlantic and Littoral departments, we are rolling out this program with the main objective of contributing to quality education for all, specifically for girls, and ensuring their safety and well-being at school.

Starting in July 2021, "Better school for girls" targets primary teachers, students and families. It is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Pre-school and Primary Education (MEMP) and the Ministry of Social Action and Microfinance (MASM). The program will train pedagogical advisors, teachers, educational managers, social workers and parents in positive and empowering educational methods.

Program development activities and the creation of teaching guides and tools took place in 2021. Expert and teacher training and community activities will be taking place in 2022-2023.

Expected results and impacts

The program is designed to have a long-term impact on the financial, social and personal achievement of girls. The immediate results expected under the project are:

  • Pedagogical advisors and teachers have enhanced skills in non-violent, inclusive and empowering education for students, especially for girls.
  • Parents and community members are sensitized to the challenges and advantages of providing a quality and rewarding education for all, especially for girls.
  • Pupils will have learned life skills such as mutual consideration, inclusiveness, empathy and collaboration, including between genders.
  • Cases of violence and discrimination against girls are decreasing.
  • Students, including girls and boys, are more fulfilled and have less violent behaviour.
  • Academic achievement is improved for both girls and boys.

The first training given by Graines de Paix enabled me to change my way of teaching, of distributing tasks, of managing anger, of praising and encouraging my learners by using various words or expressions of encouragement.

As for the students, they now know that authority must be respected, advocate peace and avoid violence. In short, there is a radical change on both sides. This project is welcome in our department, because the fruits of the different objectives of this project have started to mature.

Fidèle AOUGA, primary school teacher, Alibori, Benin


  • 60,000 children
  • 1'200 teachers
  • 2'400 parents
  • 20 educational advisors
  • 60 community social workers

Area of intervention

Benin - Department of Alibori

Financial partners



Implementation Partners

Educational resources

These educational resources are developed by the Graines de Paix pedagogy team in collaboration with ministerial partners and educational actors. If you would like to learn more about these resources, please contact us.