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André Klarsfeld


Vice President and Secretary General

A former student of the ENS, associate professor of physics, André Klarsfeld reconverted to biology at the Pasteur Institute, where he obtained a doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Pierre Changeux. Initially a researcher at the CNRS, he has been a professor of physiology at the ESPCI Paris since 2011, within the Brain Plasticity Laboratory. His research focuses on the internal clock and neurodegenerative processes in Drosophila.

Very active in teaching, he tries to share his passion for science through conferences, articles and informative books. He is a member of the steering committee of the Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (ESPGG), which brings the general public into contact with research (particularly that conducted at Paris Sciences et Lettres, of which the ESPCI is a part). This led him to work since 2017 on neuro-education, wondering if and how knowledge in neuroscience could facilitate learning.

He has accompanied Graines de Paix since its creation in 2005.

“Sharing and exchanging knowledge has always motivated me. I am also interested in the societal issues of science, which increasingly affect the daily life of everyone (GMOs, nuclear power, big data, etc.). This is why I joined the Traces group (Théories et Réflexions sur l’Apprendre, la Communication et l’Éducation Scientifiques), which manages the ESPGG. In connection with the objectives of Graines de Paix, I became interested in the links between the scientific approach/mediation and peace education.”