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Charles Barucq



After several years of teaching at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Charles Barucq practised as a lawyer at the Paris Bar for 35 years. He was then appointed as a temporary magistrate at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Pontoise - which became the “Tribunal Judiciaire” on 1 January 2020. He works in a civil chamber and a criminal chamber.

“By prosecuting young offenders, many of whom come from immigrant backgrounds, I have become aware of the challenges and shortcomings of traditional educational systems. I was struck by the extent to which these young people had learned no respect for others, no consideration for others, and even no respect for life in general, particularly in cases of violence against people. When I discovered the aims and programme of Graines de Paix, it seemed to me that, by teaching respect, consideration, fraternity and the culture of peace, we had a possible remedy for violence, discord and therefore war. This is why I wanted to commit myself to the organisation.”