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This section displays a selection of authors, some known, some that deserve being discovered. If you switch languages, you may be able to see their bio and quotes in this other language too. You'll find more authors in the other language sections if their bio hasn't yet been translated.

Some of their texts are referenced in one or several types of resources including:

- Aphorisms, quotes, poems, in the BE INSPIRED section
- Humour in the FUN zone.
- Definitions in the DICTIONARY.

These are tagged with a wide selection of culture, education and peace topic tags that also correspond to the needs of the new school curricula.

At the top right corner, you can view in list form: All topics, All authors and Latest quotations for this language.

Enjoy submitting a bio, a quote, a note of humour. You can also propose an improved version of your own bio if it's here.