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Global Campaign for Peace Education

Global Campaign for Peace Education

This international campaign was created to facilitate the introduction of peace and human rights education into educational institutions at the call of the Hague Appeal for Peace Civil Society Conference (May 1999).

1999 - 


This initiative of individual educators and education NGOs committed to peace is conducted through a global network of education associations, and regional, national and local task forces of citizens and educators who lobby and inform ministries of education and teacher education institutions about the UNESCO Framework and the multiplicities of methods and materials that now exist to practice peace education in all learning environments.

The goal of the campaign is to assure that all educational systems throughout the world will educate for a culture of peace.


See their website.

For systematic education for peace

A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the world understand global problems; have the skills to resolve conflict constructively; know and live by international standards of human rights, gender and racial equality; appreciate cultural diversity; and respect the integrity of the Earth. Such learning can not be achieved without intentional, sustained and systematic education for peace.

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