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Nobel Prize winner, 2004, for her efforts to bring peace, environmental protection and democracy work through planting trees.

1940 -  2011


Wangari Maathai impressed people through her positive outlook on how each person can contribute to peaceful living through planting trees. With a Masters in Biology obtained in the US, she returned to her home country, Kenya, and taught at Nairobi University, then gained a doctorate there in veterinary anatomy.

Her fame rose when she founded the Green Belt Movement which planted trees for the environment and through her political activism in favour of democracy and political convergence.

In addition to the Nobel Peace Prize, she also received the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize in 2006 and the peacebypeace Prize of Goshen University in 2009 for her tireless work.


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Seeds of peace and hope

When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.

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