After every end comes a fresh start — English

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After every end comes a fresh start


It's folly to despise all roses because a thorn has stung you, to give up all dreams because one of them did not come true, to give up all attempts because we failed. It's folly to condemn all friendships because one did betray you, no longer believe in just love because one proved unfaithful, to discard every chance of being happy just because an experience didn't head the right way. There will always be another occasion, another friend, another love, a new source of strength. For each end there is always a fresh start.

  • Source : The Little Prince
  • Publication date : 1943
photo SAINT EXUPÉRY Antoine de

Famous above all for his philosophical tale "The Little Prince", Saint Exupéry constantly condemned war, advocating humanism and heroism in its stead.