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Education alternatives to punishment and permissiveness

No theory of human behaviour is completely adequate, but those anchored in “permissiveness” and “punishment” are particularly ineffective. In a democratic society, where each member must have dignity and is entitled to respect himself as an equal to all others, neither punishment nor permissiveness is meaningful...

...Punishment arouses rebellion and opposition, permissiveness is resented as condescending and insulting. Participation is the key word in a democracy. In fact, the ability to participate in common efforts, to cooperate in resolving common problems, is at the basis of all social living and is characteristic of all healthy and happy individuals. It is an ability essential to human survival and further development.

  • Source : ETUCE Project (European Trade union Committee for Education), TRAINING MANUAL: “"Developing non-discriminatory quality education for Roma"
  • Topics : Equality , Education , Human dignity