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What peace requires

Peace is not merely a matter of noble sentiments. It requires, by its very nature, some measure of precise and diversified knowledge, both theoretical and practical...

That is why it is urgent that man's intelligence and culture should be directed towards peace. What is involved, as has been proposed by one eminent voice, is marshalling all man's intellectual faculties, all of the cultural and scientific heritage of mankind, in order that they become instruments of peace. What this implies, finally, is preparing and training man's will and intelligence for peace. Peace is made, not found. Peace is no rest. It is not another word for fear. It is the pulse of life.

  • Source : Speech on the 27th September, 1978, adressed to the General Assembly of the United Nations, quoted in Leonard Bird, "Costa Rica: The Unarmed Democracy", Sheppard Press Ltd
  • Publication date : sept. 1984
  • Topics : Peace
photo CARAZO Rodrigo

Economist, politician. President of Costa Rica from 1978 to 1982.