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Cooperation games

Peace is also learnt through cooperation. What a special pleasure to put aside competition !

Cooperation reinforces relations between people thanks to a simple message : together we are stronger !

Were cooperation to be the basis of our behaviour at all levels – in the family, between friends, between communities and between states, humanity would make a large step towards peace in the world !

Here is a collection of games designed for facilitators, educators, teachers or anyone wishing to suggest some cooperation games to groups of children, teens or adults.

Cooperation or competition?

Learning about peace does not consider our world to be a game where A can only win if B loses, but as a game where the result is always positive, where each team can come out a winner. Cooperation offers enormous potential for encouraging participation and stimulating creativity, whereas excessive competition leads to an aggressive attitude and to exclusion.

Even if it is in our nature to have a competitive mind, we are quick to forget that cooperation is also a part of us and that our greatest achievements have often been the result of a process of cooperation among our society.

Content of the collection of games

This contains an 11 page document which includes:

  • an introduction on the importance of cooperation and cooperative games
  • around thirty detailed cooperative games, classified by type (favourising confidence; based on non-verbal communication, etc.)
  • for each type of game: a general description and advice for developing your own activities.
  • suggestions to maximize the opportunities from the ‘debriefing’ moment.

Download this in English: Collection of cooperation games.

This educational tool has been developed by Grains of Peace and the Service Civil International (SCI), Swiss branch.