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To regulate, simply charge a fee!

(...) The principle is simple: You can't refrain from polluting so you buy the right to do it. There is a fee and the money goes to environmental projects. I think it's a terrific idea...

(...) The Federal Commission Against Racism could provide the means to undertake ambitious actions by selling rights to be enjoyed by a large part of the population. The market is so vast that it could be segmented. The rights to despise would be within reach of all budgets, one must pay more, logically, for the rights to insult.

(...) In the same way, one could think of fights between brawny fans after football matches. At first glance, they want to fight and to prevent them from doing this is very expensive, with questionable results. A right to hit could adequately replace these retrogressive efforts. We could buy these rights, for example, at the Swiss Humanitarian Disaster Aid (...).

Sylvie Arsever, journalist, Le Temps (Swiss daily newspaper)