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Other World Days (Peace, Nonviolence, Human Rights)

Sometimes, local or regional initiatives of "Days" are adopted by other countries and end up being celebrated more widely. Here are some examples.

The International Day of Scholastic Nonviolence

This Day was founded in the United States by the organisation EPOCH (End Physical Punishment for Children) with the goal of attracting attention to corporal punishment of children (called in English "No hitting day" or "No smacking day" or "Day of nonviolence for children").

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A School Day of Nonviolence and Peace (DENIP)

This Day was the initiative of the pedagogue and thinker Llorenç Vidal in 1964 and is known as "Dia Escolar de la No-violència i la Pau" (DENIP) in Catalan. Its goal is to integrate the values of harmony, tolerance, solidarity, respect for the rights of man, nonviolence and peace within education.

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