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Grains of Peace's Charter Of Values

The Charter is the fundamental act by which all members of the Grains of Peace association are bound to others. 

It aims to be the encouragement and inspiration for all initiatives taken by the association in its internal and external relations. 

We hope that it will inspire you and will continue to inspire more people here and around the world. 

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Grains Of Peace's Charter Of Values

The values of Grains of Peace are all those who favor a peace dynamic that enables us to build durable, peaceful relations. Peace is understood in its largest sense: family, schools, sports, work, groups, ethnicities, countries. A desire for peace in all of our relations is the driver. 

Our conviction is that the violent potential of individuals and groups can be transformed via an education to peace from a very young age and through reflexes of peace in everyday life, rooted in human values. 


Human values privileged by the members of Grains of Peace.

Respect, appreciation and empathy, as well as any other humane values are those which bound us to each other's humanity. Humane values are our best tools for peace. 

The refusal of violence, considered as unacceptable in all its forms: physical, verbal, psychological, moral... through self-respect and respect of others. 


Operational Values of Grains of Peace. 

To favor a peace dynamic, we work within the following principles: 

We operate in a spirit of openness and cooperation

We operate with integrity, loyalty and honesty in our relations and interventions.

We raise awareness of the non-acceptance of violence so the norm is no longer violence, but peace. 

We adopt peaceful reflexes as alternatives to violence by being:

Attentive not to provoke violence

Proactive with peace reflexes to appease others, prevent violence, or transform it. 


Educational Values

We emphasize a peace education by developing key skills aiming to: 

Favor the appeasement of violence, on an everyday and global scale. 

Build relations of peace durably. 


This Charter is embedded within three key concepts

Humane Values: 

The values which encourage the linkage to others by touching each other's humanity with our own. 

Unacceptable Violence:

Everyone has a limit beyond which violence become unacceptable. 

Peace reflexes:

Every act of immediate appeasement and being proactive towards a person or a group whose desire for violence awakens. 


Download the PDF version here.