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Prevention of violence and child protection

Peace Education is a systemic approach to child protection that builds children's agency, transforms adults' views of violent disciplining and renders human rights a reality in everyday living together.



Violence in schools violates children’s rights and represents a significant form of child abuse. Major aid agencies have identified the widespread use of degrading physical punishments and the use of verbal insults and threats in classrooms of West Africa (Antonowicz, 2010).   In effect when authorities identify “abuse” of children it typically happens under the guise of corporal punishment with the intent to discipline children.


Graines de Paix’s programmes protect children from violence by:

  • Sensitizing teachers to the links between children’s emotional needs and learning outcomes and the unacceptability of violence.
  • Training teachers to be competent and motivated users of non-violent classroom management styles and pedagogical techniques that respect children’s rights.
  • Reducing the different types of violence in schools​


Grains of Peace’s training helped me understand that children face difficulties and to become much more patient during my teaching.  I have evolved in that I am much less angry during class.  I talk much more with my students."  Teacher CM2