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A continuous Education Program in Education for a Culture of Peace

In 2012, the MENET-FP asked for the support of Graines de Paix to set up a continuous education program for pre-school and elementary school teachers demonstrating how education and educative initiatives can be used to foster a culture of peace.


This program aims to reduce the use of violence as an educational method in school, to develop the psycho-social skills of teachers and pupils (emotional management, conflict management, cooperation, respect for the other, etc.) and to encourage student participation.

To achieve these goals, Graines de Paix conducts teachers' trainings relying on educational resources designed for Ivorian classes and offers personalized support for each trained teacher.


The number of teachers trained by Graines de Paix by the DREN between 2012 and 2017.

  • 300 local trainers and more than 23,000 primary and pre-school teachers trained
  • 650,000 students who directly benefit.