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The Consolidation of Education for Peace in the Ivorian School System

In 2016, Graines de Paix renewed its agreement with the Ministry of National Education of Technical Education and Vocational Training (MENET-FP) in order to consolidate the contributions of Education to the culture of peace in the Ivorian education system.

Thus, Graines de Paix becomes a technical partner in the reform of initial teacher training, and ensures the inclusion of Education for the Culture of Peace in the first year of future teachers' training.


The aim is to enable teachers to develop non-violent educational practices and to adapt their lessons to the cognitive and psychosocial needs of the child in order to ensure quality education for all and how to teach everybody the living together in harmony.

Actions Taken

To carry out this program, Graines de Paix collaborates with the educational experts of MENET-FP on the following goals:

The Integration of Education for the culture of peace into the new teacher skills framework :

This repository describes the skills that a teacher is required to put in place during his lesson. The development of a climate of trust and peace in the classroom, the rejection of any discrimination, the development of a critical and citizen spirit of the students, the encouragement by the teacher of class participation, and fair and positive evaluations are some of the key points.

The addition of new theoretical content in the training of student teachers​​​​​​​

To support the acquisition of these skills by the country's future teachers, Graines de Paix intervenes in the first year of the training of student teachers in the CAFOP (Center for Animation and Pedagogical Training) by integrating the contents of Education towards a Culture of Peace in the training modules on psychopedagogy and education on human rights and citizenship: conflict management, positive classroom management, child needs, inclusive pedagogy, citizenship and eco -citizenship, interculturalism and non-discrimination, etc.

The development of practical activities of education for a culture of peace

In order to support the class practice of CAFOP (Center for Animation and Pedagogical Training) teachers, Graines de Paix develops experiential activities in Education for the Culture of Peace that facilitate the teaching of previously integrated theoretical content. The activities tested and adapted to the realities of the CAFOP are now an integral part of the training modules.

Latest Developments

In view of the low school completion rate of girls and young people with disabilities, Seeds of Peace will include a new element in its intervention in Education for a Culture of Peace in CAFOPs: a strengthening of inclusive education that is gender sensitive. Thus, in 2019, training and educational resources supporting an inclusive practice will be developed and tested to take into account the heterogeneity of classes.

Generalization of content and training in Education for the Culture of Peace in all CAFOPs in the country:

The project of accompaniment of the reform of the initial training of the primary school teachers in the Ivory Coast enters, as of the 2018-2019 school year, its second year of experimentation.

Following this, Graines de Paix and the MENET-FP will be able to work together to generalize the contents and trainings in Education to the culture of the peace to all the CAFOP's of the country.



Sorana Secasiu, Cheffe de projet – Intégrer l’ECP par la formation initiale des maîtres

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