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CARAZO Rodrigo


Economist, politician. President of Costa Rica from 1978 to 1982.

Costa Rican
1926 -  2009

The Century of peace?

The Twenty-first Century shall be peaceful, or it shall not be.

  • Topics : Peace
  • Aphorism

Educate to form peaceful minds

In order to reach peace, we must put to use one of the greatest and most effective means of ennobling and transforming man: EDUCATION. In this way we may forge in man the thoughts and habits of peace, bringing peace first into the minds and hearts of men, and then into world politics.

Peace is a right and a duty

Peace is a right of the human species, but it is also a duty...

The constant challenge of peace

Peace is not the end of a conflict or an interlude between wars; it is a constantly renewed challenge. It must be our supreme objective.

What peace requires

Peace is not merely a matter of noble sentiments. It requires, by its very nature, some measure of precise and diversified knowledge, both theoretical and practical...