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Art, culture and civilization

Art has been relegated to museums and concert halls rather than being at the center of daily life. Formerly sovereigns not only were sometimes artists themselves but also were frequently active patrons; they recognized that culture and civilization could be preserved, enriched, and passed on by cultivating the arts...

...Creative expressions were everyday activities not restricted to the elite but practiced and enjoyed by ordinary people as they cultivated their fields or plied their trades. The arts often provided imaginative insights into and analogies for political dilemmas-the Trojan horse being only one symbolic illustration.

  • Source : Rama Mani and Thomas G. Weiss, R2P and Culture, Conclusion Chapter. Routledge.
  • Publication date : 2011
  • Topics : Art , Ethics
photo MANI Rama (Dr.)

Specialist in international conflicts prevention, and the role of culture in transitional justice.