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Just actions

The most ethical and appropriate course of action, unbiased and respectful of others, guided by conscience and accomplished without the motive of recognition or recompense.

Other definitions

An action "that is the expression of one's inner voice translated into action." "We thus act with the most justness when we follow our conscience, respecting the rules of our countries, and not harming or impairing others." "It consists of knowing exactly what our obligations are, and accomplishing it to the best of our ability without consideration of success, renown, reward, etc."

-Guy Lheureux

The Problem with France's Moral Education in the 20th Century in Elementary Education, Doctoral thesis in educational science, University of Rennes, February 2012.


"Outlines for higher ethical conduct." "To abstain from killing, stealing and sexual misconduct."

-Bhante Hénépola Gunaratana,

Theravada Buddhist, Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness, chapter 4, edited by Albin Michel, Paris, May 2008.