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Mindfulness is paying attention with intention, non-judgement and acceptance to what is happening in the present moment. (...) Mindfulness is attention training". (1)


Mindfulness is being able to separate the thoughts in your head from real life and (from) what's actually happening right now." (2)


(1) Randye Semple, Professor, Clinical psychogy, Keck Unviersity.
(2) Vanessa Vacharia, owner of Math Guru, that helps students overcome anxiety through mindfulness.

Source: Quoted in "How Teens Can Fight Math Anxiety", Terri Coles, Bright Magazine, 21.4.2017

Mindfulness in education

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating attention to foster greater self-awareness and self-knowledge about thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and how they can affect one’s actions. It is complementary to other Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approaches related to positive learning outcomes for pre-K-12 students and educators." (3)


(3) Andrea Browning, WestEd, quoted by UNICEF here: