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New upcoming resource: "The Happy School Guide (12-15)"

How to build a peaceful and calm school climate, a place where students and teachers feel valued? How to generate happiness at school? Last November, Frédérique (Education and Training project manager) and Nesma (Education project manager) led two pilot days designed to adapt and deploy the new educational resource, "The Happy School Guide (12-15)."

This project was created in 2018 at Graines de Paix. Our team of educational experts conducted a field study to understand the learning issues in primary and secondary schools in Switzerland and France. They concluded that it was essential to create a new resource that provides concrete solutions to improve the school environment. "The Happy School Guide (12-15)" therefore aims to build a learning environment that involves both adults and young people. Thirty experiential activities and practical sheets are offered in the guide. The activities are detailed from A to Z and are easy to use, contrary to existing guides, which are often very theoretical.

The pilot days took place in two schools: Collège le Joran (France) and Villeneuve (Vaud). At Joran College, the "Little and Big Happiness" activity brought on board the Principal Education Advisor, as well as a dozen students from the Student Council. The sharing of positive experiences around this activity appears to build a lasting foundation that allows students to engage in a common and hopeful project.

The activity is composed of a string garland upon which young people and adults hang recycled pieces of fabric whenever they perform a positive action within their learning environment or when they are having a good time. The students share their little positive actions of the day with great enthusiasm. Happy and intimidated at the same time, one of the young participants opened the event by placing his piece of fabric on the garland, under the benevolent gaze of his peers. Other students expressed themselves in these words "This activity is cool, for once we are not judged by spelling mistakes;" or "I helped a friend on crutches to carry her tray to the canteen."

Other pilot days are planned in Switzerland and France during the year.

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