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Theory of Change workshop of the APEV-Innovation Project in Benin.

Our international project manager, Christophe Viltard, was in Benin attending the Theory of Change workshop for the Learning in Peace, Educating without Violence-Innovation project.


In the premises of the Life for All Foundation, an organization that shares our goals for inclusion and quality in education, participants gathered educational advisors, inspectors, principals, social workers, representatives of parent-teacher associations, religious leaders.


The workshop has served as a valuable opportunity for participants to reunite, to get involved and to be productive, says our international project manager.


The workshop focused on the validation of the problematic through the collection of testimonies from communities that have experienced violence and extremism. The results show elements already pinpointed by UNESCO:


  1.  Some forms of violence persist in education.
  2.  Students feel potentially excluded and discriminated.
  3. Students may be susceptible to simplistic and one-sided messages that condone or glorify hatred and the use of violence as a solution to problems.
  4. A lack of trust could arise between the different entities in charge of education: school, religion, parents.


These elements require special attention in the Learning in Peace, Educating without Violence-Innovation project in Benin.

Indeed, the information collected will be used to guide the conception of pedagogical resources that will be used in the project for the training of the stakeholders (pedagogical advisors, teachers, social workers), for the activities to be carried out in the classroom with the students and within the community.

The assessment of the workshop showed a great satisfaction from the participants. We were honored by the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Pre-School and Primary Education who represented his minister during the workshop.