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Graines de Paix Pursues its Mission in Benin

In February 2019, Graines de Paix launched a new project to develop access to education in Benin. This is in line with the Sectoral Plan for Education post-2015.

Graines de Paix Pursues its Mission in Benin

Part of the Graines de Paix team in Benin.


Objectives of the Sectoral Plan for Education post-2015

They are defined by the Beninese Ministry of Education:

  • Difficulty in meeting increasing demand for schooling
  • Need for equity measures in certain areas and social categories
  • Insufficient attention to alternative education
  • Literacy
  • Adult education and training
  • Improved governance of the sector

Response to National Objectives

The actions led by Graines de Paix are aimed at:

  1. Increasing access to preschool education, especially in ensuring the well-being of children and teachers in basic education
  2. Providing children ages 3 to 15 with a fair and inclusive basic education
  3. Providing children ages 4 o 15 with a basic quality education, including training teachers and supervisory staff. One of the strategies put forward is the training of teachers and supervisory staff, including strengthening initial and continuing training (Graines de Paix’s field of expertise).


Denis Hazoumé, the President of Graines de Paix-Benin and the Minister of Pre-School and Primary Education in Benin, Mr. Salimane Karimou

To achieve these goals, 701 organizers and 2,301 pre-school educators (in public and private schools) will be trained in the Atlantique and Littoral departments, and 1,800 teachers in the Alibori department.

The 13th and 14th of August, Community Engagement Program Officers, representatives from the Departmental Directorates of the MASM (Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance), as well as parents of students and opinions leaders met in Grand-Popo. It was an opportunity for Graines de Paix to validate program objectives with the assembled group, since they are the main actors.