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Quality education objective: Benin has the complete package ready to go

His Excellency Salimane Karimou, Minister of Primary and Maternal Education, congratulates "Validation of the Theory of Change" workshop participants for their accomplishments.

A week in Benin that convinced the Minister of National Education of our NGO's methods!

Recently back from a week in Benin, our Graines de Paix Project Leaders had a very constructive visit.

In the presence of the representatives of two ministries, teachers and social workers, Catherine, Sorana, and Sandrine shared the theory of change for a project to strengthen maternal education in the southern region of the country. This theory provides a path for teachers, who, once trained, will offer education based on the culture of peace.


Catherine, our Project Manager, working in the field with children.


Good news ! The ministries accepted Graines de Paix's theory of change; enriched with their own comments and validated at the end of the workshop. This theory lays the foundation for the work of Graines de Paix in maternal education in the Atlantic and Littoral regions, located in southern Benin.