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UNESCO week For Peace and Long-Term Development: The Role of Education

Graines de Paix has been selected to participate in this exceptional event. The association will have an exhibition stand to present its activities all week long. We will organise a specific discussion panel on the Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal education programs of peace, in order to nurture international reflection from a West African perspective.

UNESCO and UNESCO's Canadian Commission jointly organised the “UNESCO week for peace and long-term development: the role of education” from 6th -10th March 2017, in Ottawa, Canada. This event is a unique platform for exchange, as it focuses on the Education on Sustainable Development (ESD), and Global Education (ECM), in order to prepare SDG 4.7. This week will be the opportunity to highlight teacher issues and those of their trainings. It will also put an emphasis on the best ESD and ECM practices in the field.

Round Table Discussion

For this event, Graines de Paix has been selected to organise a panel, allowing discussions around current approaches adopted by the Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal Ministers of National Education (MEN). They aim to include Peace Culture Education into their countries education system. 

Title: “Innovating For Peace and Quality Education in Africa: Perspectives From The Field.” 

Moderator: Dr. Frédérique Guérin, Director of Programmes and Development, west Africa, for Graines de Paix.


Speakers brought together by Graines de Paix:

  • M. Kouadio Méa, Director for Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Minister of Education, Côte d'Ivoire.

  • Dr. Babacar Diouf, Director for Continued Training, ENS, Technical and Professional, Senegal, former Inspector, Minister of Education National, former focal point UNESCO.

  • Dr. Abdelijalil Akkar, Professor in International Dimensions of Education.

Information Stand

Graines de Paix will also have an exhibition throughout the event, and will also present its projects, activities and educational resources regarding peace culture education. Some examples of the Growing Up in Peace collection will be available for consultation on site. Mrs. Delia Mamon- President will elaborate on educational strategies and current programs in other countries.

This is a unique opportunity for our NGO to showcase our work and interact with other specialists from across the globe. Likewise we seek to influence and nurture international reflection on Peace Culture Education's contribution towards ECM and ESD.