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Launch of the “Graines de Paix (Grains of Peace) Certification” at the Teacher Training College of Valais (HEP Valais).

Big news: launch of the very first “Graines de Paix Certification” at the Teacher Training College of Valais! The future “Graines de Paix Teachers” participated in the first 9-hour module of our training on September 21st.

In partnership with the Teacher Training College of Valais (HEP Valais), the training “Graines de Paix” intends to reinforce teachers’ professional, psychosocial, and affective skills. Based on experiential, participative, and collaborative practices, it allows participants to deepen their knowledge of themselves and that of their students. With those tools, teachers will progressively incorporate the Peace Culture in their demeanor.

The training has three modules of 9 hours each:

  • Empathic and good willed framework
  • Prevention of violence
  • Transformation of conflicts

At the end of this year of training, the teachers will get a level 1 certification “Graines de Paix Educators.” The following years, they will be able to complete their training path with the level 2 certification (year 2), then level 3 (year 3) in order to tackle all the themes of Peace Culture Education (Knowledge of oneself, Emotional skills, Logical thinking and sensitive discernment, Eco-social skills, Inclusive and intercultural skills)

Skills for the level 1 Certification:

  • Establish a peaceful, safe, and harmonious climate in school (positive discipline, encouragements)
  • Exemplify empathy and goodwill in one’s demeanor and invite students to do the same.
  • Identify, prevent, and transform violence and conflicts in classrooms, in school, and in life.
  • Conduct activities to develop students’ psychosocial skills.
  • Reinforce school success and the fulfillment of all students.

The next session is planned to be on Saturday November 9th. If you are interested, feel free to contact our team. Provisions by email.