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"Leon, the unbelievable chameleon", a great children's book to fund!

This new project will excite and motivate children, while contributing to family serenity! How? By developing their emotional intelligence through a fun treasure hunt! Our crowdfunding campaign is seeking 12'000 CHF to complete it and print it.

A very unusual treasure hunt

This is a smart-play book with a treasure hunt that leads young readers from story to story and from emotion to emotion in a stunning set of imagery.

Young readers embark on three exciting journeys:

  • A recreational journey, during which they wander through the book as if in the heart of an untouched forest.
  • A lively journey that awakens their imagination and ability to invent incredible stories each time they open it up.
  • An educational trip, which develops and strengthens the many facets of emotional intelligence.

“Leon, the unbelievable chameleon” is especially designed for children aged 4 to 12 and their parents.

It can also be used in pre-schools, primary schools, day centers and vacation centers, and it can thus be combined with the "Leon and his emotions" school exhibit. And then, you can be sure that your children's emotional intelligence will leap ahead.

Where We Are Currently

We've designed the environment where the adventures will take place : deep jungles full of fun and surprising clues to be found and now, we're keen to finish the stories and go to print!

Next steps


  • Crowdfunding: reach 12000 CHF by end of year.
  • Publish date: early 2020
  • First edition: 1000 copies
  • Pages: about 40
  • Retail price: between 16.00 and 19.50 CHF (13-15 EUR).
  • Translations: will follow through specific crowdfunding.

Budget: 12,000 CHF (about 1/3 of the global budget remains to be financed)

Design 3000 CHF
Textwriting 3800 CHF
Tests by children 200 CHF
Produce a 40-page model 3200 CHF
Illustrations and rights 300 CHF
Design and produce the posters 300 CHF
Promotion and distribution 1200 CHF

Book Structure

This book explores seven emotions that are typical of children’s experiences and hints at strategies to modulate each of them.

  • The child walks through the book in Leon’s footsteps and looks for clues that he left behind…
  • When the child finds one, he or she will ask, “What could have happened here?”
  • Then the child will imagine, “What was Leon feeling?”
  • Depending on the child’s answer to the above question, he or she will go to the page of the corresponding emotion.


This book differs from other children books on emotions:

  • With its circular design, children are constantly stimulated: they go through the pages again and again in ever-novel ways.
  • As they grow up, the young readers realise that their emotional reactions have evolved and that they're smarter emotionally.

Especially, the objectives go beyond a focus on vocabulary:

  • They can focus on a wider range of emotions, including shame and stress, that are often lived by children, but rarely talked about.
  • When doing this in a family or school setting, they develop their empathy by realising that there is a wide variety of emotional reactions and underlying needs.

Surely, you know of some children or parents to whom to offer this book!

Your gift can be a presale if you wish: you can get a copy and maybe more for most levels of donations if you use our crowdfunding platform. No children around you? Think of offering it to your nearby school or library, or to a children's NGO.

I'm keen to support!