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The Leon Book: Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign

Together, let’s make children more confident, serene, and attentive. Graines de Paix is launching a new project that will contribute to family peace and to developing children’s emotional intelligence through the creation of a playbook, “Leon and His Emotions.”

This playbook is adapted from our successful “Leon and His Emotions” exhibition, which continues to circulate throughout schools.

This interactive playbook invites readers to embark on three exciting types of journeys.


  • A recreational journey, during which children walk through the book as if in the heart of an untouched forest.
  • A journey through the imagination, where incredible stories are built and constantly renewed
  • An educational trip, which develops and enhances, step by step, emotional intelligence in children

Easily accessible, “Leon and His Emotions” is especially conceived for children and their parents. It is also ideal for learning French. It will also be useful in pre-schools, primary schools, vacation centers, etc.

Where We Are Currently

An initial 15 pages model is in the process of being approved.
We are polishing the environment where the adventures will take place : deep jungle full of fun and surprising clues to be found.
Illustrations and texts may be subject to modifications at any stage of the project.

Next steps


Publish the book by the beginning of 2020.
Print 1000 copies in first edition.
Retail price between 16.00 and 19.50 CHF (13-15 EUR) *all rights reserved.
Budget: 12,000 CHF (about 1/3 of the global budget)

Design → 3000 CHF
Writing text → 3800 CHF
Production of a 40-page model → 3200 CHF
Illustrations and additional rights → 300 CHF
Production of posters → 300 CHF
Promotion and distribution → 1200 CHF
Test by children → 200 CHF

Book Structure

This book explores seven emotions that are typical to children’s experiences and proposes offers strategies to modulate each of them

  • The child walks through the book in Leon the Chameleon’s footsteps and looks for clues that he left behind…
  • When the child finds one, he or she will ask, “What could have happened here?”
  • Then the child will imagine, “What was Leon feeling?”
  • Depending on the child’s answer to the above question, he or she will go to the page of the corresponding emotion


Three main differences that distinguish this book from other books about emotions:

  • Its circular process means that children are constantly stimulated in new ways. They are able to go through the pages again and again.
  • The child becomes more aware that his or her emotional reactions evolve as he or she grows up. This is the ultimate bedtime reading book!
  • Its objectives are also wider-reaching: flesh out and consolidate emotional intelligence in addition to learning the vocabulary, and address the emotions that are often felt but not often talked about, like shame and stress.

Each contribution matters. Thank you for your donations.